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Who are you anyway?

Following many years of photographing friends and family, in 2010, I finally took the next step and turned my hobby into a business.

From the start up, I gave it everything I had. There were many long hours of training by industry leaders in camera/lens functioning, lighting/positioning and many, many practice sessions on...well...just about everyone I knew. It didn't hurt that, at that time, I had a brand new perfect little bubbly model to practice on anytime I wanted- our first baby. ;)

From that point on, the Lord has blessed me with many wonderful opportunities for learning and advancement. The business has been featured in many online and print publications and, most excitedly, my uber talented husband has joined me as a second shooter for weddings. I couldn't have asked for a more handsome partner in crime!

I have enjoyed the freedom of working out of our home as I raise our 3 silly but hilarious young daughters who keep us hopping from day-to-day. 

Why "Ransom"?

Deciding on a business name was a challenge, I'll admit. I didn't want my business to be about *me* and, at the time, I felt naming it "Laura Oliver Photography" just sounded a little...*me* focused.

My desire was to use this gift I was given to serve. The recurring thing the Lord kept laying on my soul was not to be self-touting, but to chose a name that reflected back on Him and kept me humble.

It was around that time that a verse in the book of Matthew kept shouting out at me. How Jesus "came not to be served, but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many."

I always thought the word, "ransom" was a great word...one that evoked so much meaning, so much depth, so much intent. And, it was with great intent that I chose the name, "Ransom Photography".

As can be expected, the business name garners many questions, but that allows me the great opportunity to share with people the meaning, the depth, and the intent of God's great love for them by all He did for them on the cross. 

What better a reason than such an opportunity!